Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Evening Post

Jeremy has had a fairly uneventful day. He has slept most of the day with short periods with his eyes open. Most of the time those wakeful times were brought on by coughing or therapists who "encouraged" him to stay awake while they worked with him.

Keep Praying


  1. Debi, Greg and Family. We continue to check the blog daily and are with you and the family in spirit. Our prayers continue for a full recovery for Jeremy and for the family.
    Glen and Donna Glass

  2. Ask about Hyperbaric treatment. It's pure oxygen therapy. I've heard it does wonders for nerve damage. I've been keeping up on updates from a mom who had a baby shaken by a child care provider and they are seeing increased brain activity since they've been doing the hyperbaric chamber treatments. I also understand that it increases wound healing. Just a thought.


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