Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Correction on the ventilator. They are weaning him off the ventilator slowly. They had told us they were taking him off of it. We didn't realize that it would take awhile. Sorry we gave Eric wrong information to pass along. He was off it for about 1 hour, 3 different times yesterday. They will keep doing that, extending the time as Jeremy tolerates it. He tires easily.

Today has been a busy day so far. The doctor came to check on the trach this morning. Jeremy appeared to have some swelling around the area. They changed out the trach apparatus and hopefully it will improve.

Doctor # 2 came in and kicked us out - THEY ARE REMOVING THE DRAIN FROM HIS BRAIN! God is good. Jeremy is doing well! Everything went perfect with the removal. Jeremy is one step closer.

He still has periods of wakefulness and though it hasn't been confirmed by a doctor, we believe he knows who we are.

We are waiting on insurance approval (there is a matter for prayer) for the medical transfer to Boise. Jeremy is almost ready. Hopefully in the next couple of days.

Thanks for your prayers

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  1. This is good good news! We are praying for the transfer to happen just as easily as the procedure today!!-Kellie


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