Saturday, June 6, 2009

Update 22

Jeremy's ICP has remained consistently low, around 12, all afternoon. His fever remains at 99.9 degrees. After talking to the weekend doctor this morning, sounds like Jeremy's in too critical of a condition to be transported to Boise at this time. Maybe we were a little overzealous in our hopes that we could transport him so soon. Transportation at this point would send his ICP soaring so we might be waiting a while longer. We're getting a lot of different people's opinions and thus more mixed messages as to when we can move him. This reminds us again to just take one day at a time.

We as well as the hospital personnel have been touched by all of your prayers, cards, well-wishes, and out-pouring of love. We all have enjoyed reading your eCards and the nurses have asked for pictures of "the real" Jeremy. They told us that they very rarely see this large of a response for a paitent. The night nurse said, "I've only seen something like this once before, down in San Diego."

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers as well as your blessing and inspiration to the hospital staff. We can hardly wait to see the smile on Jeremy's face when he wakes up and sees his walls covered in colorful love!


  1. Courtney, Stephen and Eric,
    Thank you for your continuous updates on Jeremys progress. We are praying for Jeremy and all of you and sending you our love.
    Uncle Ty and Aunt Yvonne

  2. Pray for clarity. God will help you find it. It sounds like the doctors up there are great. We're still praying for Jeremy and won't stop until he is healed.
    Don & Jacquie Moore

  3. Almost forgot (hate being 54!):
    I saw a special about Kirk Franklin who is a famous gospel singer/songwriter. He is credited for bringing 1,000's back to Christ. Anyway, at one point in his career, he fell into a 6' hole in the stage and had similar brain trauma. His wife had the paper, in hand, granting permission to drill a hole in his skull. Massive prayer and... he woke up from the coma. He is performing now as if nothing had happened.

    Don Moore

  4. We continue to watch the blog and pray for the family. Our hearts go out to everyone and Jeremy is at the forefront of our prayer list. Members in the Ukiah Church are praying for everyone also.
    Glen & Donna Glass

  5. That's so cool! It's great to see Jeremy making a difference in the lives of so many - without even being conscious of it! What a blessing, and it's so great to hear things like this. Keep thinking positive, and blessings as you try to make decisions about when/where/how to move Jeremy.


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