Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Update 33

The doctors were hoping to change out the brain catheter this morning, and it looks like we're in a holding pattern at this point. They're not sure if they can do the procedure, but Debi's not sure if that's because of Jeremy or the doctor. Jeremy had a good night last night, and they put a boot on one of his feet for support. Debi was cleaning Jeremy's ear where the cut was and the scab fell off. She said it looks perfect, no scars. We'll let you know more when we find out something new.

Stephen has his last finals today. He's graduating on Sunday and will be glad to be done. It's been stressful trying to deal with wanting to be there for Jeremy but having to do homework.

Please keep praying!


  1. It IS stressful, way to hang in there Stephen, you're amazing. Little by little Jeremy's coming back to us. Can't wait to see his happy face again. Love you all and constantly praying for and thinking about you.

    Jeremy you're the best! You're doing great!!

  2. I'll be in WW for graduation so Courtni, Stephen, if I can do anything to make the load a little lighter please let me know!



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