Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update 44

Hello all,

Jeremy is having a good day being challenged off the ventilator. They want him to go for hours and we will let you know how that goes at this point he is almost two hours into it! Mom says he looks a bit more focused and relaxed today, than in days past.
We are still waiting for pre-approval from the insurance company in regard to his transport. We are all hopefully this will be wrapped up tomorrow and put Jeremy in Boise by the end of this week. Thanks all more later!



  1. Hang in there Jeremy! We love you! It was great to see him yesterday, I am looking forward to seeing more progress as time goes on!


  2. Good to hear that things are improving! Prayers continue to flow. WWU is thinking of you allo. If you haven't already, check for some encouragement on healing. Nate is doing very well since his motorcycle accident! God is good.
    ~Melissa MacPhee


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