Saturday, June 20, 2009

Update 50 - First Day in Idaho

Good afternoon from Idaho.

Jeremy rested well last night, after a bumpy ride from Yakima. He handled it better than Debi did, who kept worrying he was going to come off the gurney. But she is his mom and inclined to worry.

His new doctor is Dan Hendrickson, who specializes in internal medicine, ICU care and pulmonary diseases, exactly what Jeremy needs right now. Besides your continued prayers, of course. His chest x-ray was good this morning. Apparently, he has a slight bronchial infection from the respirator which they are treating. They're hoping to begin weaning him off the respirator and have him breathing more on his own soon. He was off a couple of hours this morning and should be some this afternoon.

They are still asking to not have visitors yet, other than immediate family. I made it as far as the waiting room with my computer, which is why I'm posting. Debi and Greg want to say thank you to everyone who has been praying for Jeremy and sending cards and messages of encouragement. And they'll let us all know when we can visit.

Posted by Mike Agee, surrogate Dad

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