Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 26

Jeremy had a pretty good day today. They got him up in his chair at about 11:00 this morning, and Aunt Julie and I decided to take him for a little roll (no nurse assistance). At first we walked slowly around the unit a couple of times. He was handling that pretty well, so we went for the elevator and outside again. This time we stayed in the shade, there was a gentle breeze. He relaxed and went to sleep. We ended up walking around for over 2 hours. He handled it much better today than yesterday.

As a family, we have tried to remain as optimistic as possible through this hard time. We have continually tried to look at the positive aspects of Jeremy's VERY slow recovery. We know that there are hundreds, possibly thousands, of people are praying for Jeremy, and we want you all to know that God is working in little ways in his life. However, we also feel that we need to update people at this point as to the severity of his brain injury.

Many of you have asked if Jeremy is talking yet. Jeremy is going to have to relearn a lot of things. We walk a fine line every day in talking to him like an adult, because we believe that he understands us, and teaching him the most basic things. When the pathways in the brain are disrupted like in Jeremy's case, there are no promises as to what will have to be relearned and what he will retain. At this point it's a struggle for him just to point his finger to turn on the TV. We will try to continue to update you on both the ups and downs of Jeremy's progress.

Always remember that God is good and faithful to those who believe in Him.
Debi & Family

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  1. Yeah you bet our prayers & heart is with you & Jeremy's. We praise the Lord with you that God is sustaining you day by day. Love & prayers, Mike & Marilyn


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