Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28

Jeremy was moved out of the ICU unit today. They needed the bed and he was the least serious patient on the unit. It is a little (OK a lot) scary for us because they don't have him on all the monitors. We have gotten use to watching his heart rate & blood pressure (every 2 hours) on the monitors. His blood pressure can go 200 over110. People tell us we need to put on our boxing gloves and start fighting for Jeremy. We are not normally fighters but here we go! "They will try and ween the parents and put him on a wireless monitor for 48 hours."

They are talking about moving Jeremy to a skilled nursing home for a little while. He is not ready for the rehab place yet so a skilled nursing home is where he would go until he is able to participate in 3 hours of physical therapy per day. He is not able to do that yet. Please pray about this, Jeremy's insurance does not pay for a skilled nursing home.

The results came back on Jeremy's infection that put him in isolation. He still has it. So he will start another round of antibiotics and be in isolation for 2 more weeks. We will continue to wear the cute yellow gowns you saw in the last picture of Jeremy. My sister was here visiting from California and asked the doctor if he could put him on probiotic cultures. The doctor agreed.
"Probiotics - products that contain live bacterial strains - are used worldwide by people for intestinal health. Some consider these products ideal for restoring their intestinal flora when experiencing any stomach or digestive problem, but especially after they have been exposed to antibiotics."

They didn't get Jeremy up in the chair today but he was up yesterday and went outside for a while again. Anything that makes Jeremy relax at this point is a good thing and he relaxed again when he felt that wind on his face! Praise God! He seems to enjoy physical therapy also, if he could only convince his limbs to do as he wants. He is working on it, you can see it in his eyes.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.


  1. Good Morning. Thank you again for posting Jeremy's progress. I have a question, if I may. Since Jeremy can turn on the TV, have the Doctors or PT staff thought about giving Jeremy a computer mouse and asking him yes/no questions? It was just a thought. Keep your spirits high, and know that my thoughts and prayers are with Jeremy and you (his family).
    Ann Retzlaff

  2. Right now Mom and Dad are working with Eric and I's photos. Because Jeremy is able to point we are trying to see if he will point to Stephen vs. Eric. There will be a post if that does happen I'm sure.

    Stephen Doherty (Little Brother)


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