Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 8

I walked into Jeremy's room this afternoon, the nurse was on one side of his bed and the respiratory therapist on the other. Eric (brother) and a friend were standing on the other side of the room. I crossed the room to give them a hug, and the therapist said, "That was amazing." When I asked what he did, they said, "When you walked into the room he saw you and smiled!!!!!" YA!!!

At one point today, I asked how much he weighed. They hit the scale button on the bed and it said 185 - which would mean that in the last week he lost 20 pounds. NO! (although he may have sweated out that much) So they moved some pillows off and hit it again. 195 - NO They ended up bringing in a lift to get Jeremy up and out of bed so they could 0 out the bed scale. He kind of liked being up and out of the bed even if only for a few minutes. They are talking about getting him up in a special chair in the next few days. Since he has such a strong cough, they are afraid that he would fall forward. We assured them we would hug him from the back to hold him up. Just get him up. We think he's ready to get up. He is raising his head up off the pillow often. OH - his final weight was 200. He has lost about 4 lbs in a week. They cut back on his feeding this week because of some problems he was having. Not a very good diet plan.

One nurse told me today that we should make sure the bed was as low to the ground as possible now. She said, "When they get this alert sometimes they think they can get out of bed." I don't think he's that alert, but it make me happy that they nurse thought he was.

Thank you Lord!!!


  1. Nice work Jeremy!

    Joyce @ Lucky Peak

  2. I give praise for what is happening and what is going to happen in terms of Jeremy's healing. This is a God thing. What a powerful testemony he will have one day.

    Don Moore

  3. That is WONDERFUL!!!! Praying for you guys every day.



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