Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Today was a very good day!! Jeremy was transferred to:

Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center
Brain Trauma Rehabilitation Unit room 3446
1055 N. Curtis Road
Boise, Idaho 83706.

Jeremy was very relaxed during the transport and transfer. The ambulance nurse has seen Jeremy around the hospital before and was amazed at how much better he looked today. He isn't overstimulated by every little thing anymore. That is a very good thing!

They have a time line in his room and they tell me that in the morning it will be filled with everything from Speech therapy, Physical therapy, Occupation therapy and visits with doctors. Or anything else that may fill his some of his day from 7 or 8 am to about 5 p.m. after that he has free time. Visitors are welcome. They will start out with 3 hours of therapy per day with rest in between. I'm sure the next couple of days will be filled with evaluations & assessments. We are very excited about the possibilities! They told us we will be amazed. HOPE

They asked us to bring some cloths in for him. Part of life in rehab is to get showered and dressed everyday. We will take jogging pants and t-shirts to start with. How cool is that!!

We WILL keep you posted!!!
Thank you for your many, many prayers. God is good!


  1. This is great, great news! I am so excited to see him Thursday, give him love for me!

  2. This is such good news!!! You will be amazed I am sure. I think every little step to get to where he is has been amazing :) I will be looking forward to the updates! Keep up your courage!

  3. Debi,
    Yay! I'm excited that Jeremy got moved, and now that I'm home I will be able to come see him...and you! Love to you and Greg. God bless you.


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