Monday, August 3, 2009

August 3

Speech therapy came and worked with Jeremy for a few minutes today and decided that they would come back on a daily basis. They work on things like swallowing, eating & talking. Right now, they will start with the most basic functions.

The people from the rehab place decided to come Tuesday instead of today. We look forward to hearing what they have to say. If Jeremy isn't ready for rehab yet at least we will have a better idea of what the requirements of admission are.

They put Jeremy on the tilt table again today, and they worked with him on that for about a half hour. His right ankle is very weak and twisted (due to the posturing and the tightness of the muscles in his leg, it has turned slightly). The therapist worked for about a half hour with Jeremy in the upright position to get it straight again. They will continue to work with him all week with this.

Since I am with Jeremy every day, sometimes I miss the small changes that are taking place. We have talked all along about baby steps and Jeremy continues to take those baby steps. Every few days lately, we have had a nurse or aide stop by and say "Hi" to Jeremy. They continue to comment on how WELL he is doing. "I have been gone for the last week, and he is sooo much better." We appreciate those comments a lot. Thank God for those baby steps!

Thank you for your prayers!

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