Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11

Jeremy's doctor appointment was canceled today. We were a little disappointed, it would have been nice to get his input into the eating, weight loss, and ouch, ouch, ouch things.

Jeremy continues to work hard in physical therapy. Sometimes he doesn't like it and complains a lot, but they continue no matter what Jeremy says! Today they had him up on his elbows and knees over a peanut-shaped ball. He still has quite a bit of uncontrolled "tone" on his right side so it makes it hard and sometimes impossible to control Jeremy. They have to wait for Jeremy's body to cooperate. Patience is still the name of the game.

Jeremy is still adjusting to the wheelchair he has now. Several times today he started to slide out of the chair. When that "tone" hits, he straightens his legs and hips a little and it makes it pretty easy to just slide lower in or out of the chair. You just have to keep an eye on him. During dinner tonight, he started to slide. What a smart way to get out of eating dinner!!! I was going to make him sit there until he ate more. That didn't happen.

Please continue to pray they we will have patience - all of us, Jeremy included.

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