Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2

Jeremy started his therapy's today again. Physical therapy had him up on the tilt table with his new boots or braces on. They wanted time alone with Jeremy so he could concentrate on what they wanted him to do. We were told the session went well. His speech therapist, from what I have been told is "the best there is". Jeremy said he wanted to go outside after physical therapy so she went outside for their time together. She wants to try some new things that will help Jeremy get over his sensitivity to the texture of the food, along with working on volume and slowing down his words so people can understand him. I am excited to see how it goes.

I had noticed that on everyone door name tag there is a angel stamp with a staff name below it. I asked yesterday what that means. I was told that each patient has a different staff member that is like their "guardian angel". Someone to watch out for them, address any concerns, help with any little extras, just generally watch over them and their families. Jeremy's "guardian angel" just happens to be his speech therapist, the head of the rehab department.

God is good, I know he brought us here for a reason. Thank you for your prayers,

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