Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9

JEREMY ATE DINNER! He was the last person in the dining room tonight. He didn't finish everything but he ate more than he has in a long time. He even had ice cream after he got back to his room.

Jeremy's right arm is still very tight and has very little movement. We have been talking to him and trying to encourage him to "move it or lose it". He has been taking it to heart and has been asking us to help him with exercises for that arm. Saturday he asked me to hold his hand (which helps him stretch out his fingers and thumb. We gently rub his muscles to try to get them relaxed enough to move. He as been doing that everyday since then. Tonight we were moving that are up and down (from the bed to his shoulder area). He is getting a little better in controlling that arm. When he needs help he ether uses his left hand (to help the right one) or he asks us to help him. It is so good to see him start to move that arm.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

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  1. Hey guys! I'm so glad to read of all the progress Jeremy is making. Exercising his arm reminds me of all the work I've done and am still doing for my arm. It's so encouraging to know that there's nothing wrong with Jeremy's nerves though! He's gonna get both his arms back. I hope you keep pushing him to exercise though cause its soooooo important. I know it hurts like heck sometimes and isn't always fun but it's vital to his recuperation. You guys are doing an awesome job with Jeremy. He's in good hands :)


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