Saturday, December 19, 2009

December 18

I heard that in therapy they got out the Wii for Jeremy. They tried bowling and that was fun. I don't think his scores are up there yet but he had fun. Then they tried something that involved riding a cow, it's my understand Jeremy had a hard time staying on the road. I guess he was laughing to hard. When I got there today he was in therapy he was getting a shoulder massage. After that they they transferred him on the mat again. Working again on rolling over. After rolling to his stomach they pulled him so his head and arms hung over the edge of the mat (it's raised off the ground) They were trying to get him to stretch his neck up, up, up, then do (one handed, the other till is tight) push ups. It only involved a slight bend in the elbow but it's progress. Then they pulled him back onto him knees again, working on posture and building those butt and stomach muscles. Baby steps.

They have taken Jeremy off the tube feeding completely again. Hopefully he will continue to eat so we can get that feeding tube out! They will wait about 2 weeks or so to see how he does. He has gained back about 15 pound (because of the tube feeding). He eats everything at meals now and then he likes to snack in the evening. I will be interesting to see how he is able to maintain his weight on his own (without tube feedings).

Thank you for your prayers, support and comments.

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  1. Stephen Can you please send me your email address. I guess I have not saved it or have lost it . I keep thinking that If you have sent me an email I should have it saved some where ? I cant find it and I hate facebook and i dont really blog ! sorry , just a little oldfasioned .
    Love uncle Paul


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