Monday, January 18, 2010

January 18

Jeremy's feeding tube site is healing amazingly well. I think in another week you will hardly know it was there. Now it looks like little more than a dent and a tiny scratch.

I asked Jeremy what he wanted for his birthday (it's coming up the beginning of February). His response was 'to hang out with his friends'. The next time I asked him he said he didn't know what he wanted. In between all the short term memory loss, he knows he has good friends & family who love him. He tells us all the time how good people are to him and I know, he knows, he is blessed.

They worked with Jeremy with his writing and speech today. Sitting up straighter and how that would help both his writing and his speech. They sat him in front of a mirror to show him. Told him to watch is mouth. Sometimes he thinks he is moving his lips and he is not. In his head it's perfect and in our ears it is not. He gets frustrated. He will say "I said that 4 times". FUN TIMES

Thank you for your prayers and support.


  1. Hi. I just stumbled accross your blog due to a Google web alert for apraxia. I read what happened to Jeremy and just wanted to say 'hi' and I hope both he and you are ok. What an awful thing to happen.

  2. Hey James and I will see you guys in a couple of days! Can't wait! We can be Jeemy's early Birthday Present. James volunteers to pop out of a cake in a bikini...


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