Friday, February 5, 2010

Evening post

Jeremy spent the whole day in his room being assessed by everyone and their brother!!!!! It started from the moment we arrived. . It occurred to me about 6 or 7 pm that we have had a tour of the Elks but Jeremy has not. So I asked them if tomorrow he could get the grand tour. Since he is in "isolation" he will have to wear a "white" gown when he leaves the room, not the "yellow" one the nurses wear when they come in. We, so far have not been required to wear them. He should have a light weekend and then on Monday they will hit the ground running

For the first time in a while Jeremy will have a male physical therapist. Someone his own size! We met him briefly upon arrival. Jeremy will see him again on Monday. Every person that came in today asked Jeremy what his goal was for the future. He would tell them things like "I want to walk". When the last person came in around 4 Jeremy's response was more creative. "I want to travel the world" He will probably do it to!!:)

PS - I haven't seen Jeremy this excited about his birthday since - I don't know when.

Thank you for your prayers!

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