Monday, February 15, 2010

February 15

Jeremy had a really full day today. Everyone is getting to know him now and learning to love him like we do. He started out the day at 8:30 with speech therapy. The doctor came in to see him after that and then physical therapy. I had a chance to talk to Joe (PT) for awhile and he is still getting to know Jeremy and is excited about working with him. Today was the second day they let him drive an electric wheel chair. He did much better today than the first time. I guess he drove in circles and into walls last time. Today he did almost perfect. He got close to the walls but pulled it out at the last second.

The occupational therapist was someone new today and was doing a lot of massage therapy on his hands and lower arms. He said it felt good. Then she got him up to the sink to wash his face, neck and hands. His left arm is setting stronger and more flexible. Still working on the right!

Speech is working on volume and memory.

Thank you for your encouragement and prayer!

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  1. A physical therapist was working on my shoulder today and some of it hurt but some of it felt really good too. I know the massaging part of Jeremy's day sounds really good. That's good he's doing more and more!


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