Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 21

Jeremy had a visit from a new weekend occupational therapist today. He was sitting up in the electric wheelchair so it made it a little hard for her to stretch Jeremy's shoulder and arm. Someone had suggested to me that Jeremy might benefit from one of those hot wax dips. They say they are good for deep muscle relaxation. I asked her if that might be true. She said yes and suggested we go and try it on Jeremy's hands. I may have to look into buying one. She also showed me some other ways we could massage Jeremy's arms and hands with a small wand massage.

Jeremy and I practiced driving around back hallways in the electric wheelchair again today. It's interesting that when he gets tired and he tires fairly quickly, he looses his concentration and starts running into things. I guess that is why they want him to practice.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

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  1. Debi,

    If you're looking to do a warm wax dip on a regular basis, you can set one up for cheap. Go to an art store (or call around, or order online) and find latex wax. It'll be $20 or so. Then use your old crockpot that's on the back shelf - or get one at goodwill etc. Turn it on low and let it melt the wax (high is fine too, the wax will just be too hot). Let it cool until your comfortable with your hand it it, and dip away. The stuff I have came in a big blue brick (used it to make models of hands)


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