Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 14

When I got home last night ready to post the blog Greg told me everything was torn apart. No internet. We didn't have to laptop at home. Sorry about that.

Jeremy's weekend was quiet. No therapy this weekend for the first time. It snowed yesterday morning but Jeremy and I decided since the sun was out we would take a quick walk. 10 minutes to get our vit D. That was enough.

We continue to challenge his mind with games, computer games like Sudoku, online puzzles, etc. One of the teachers gave me a great on-line site for Sudoku that has degrees of difficulty. He really likes Sudoku.

God has truly blessed us! We had another great crew at our house today working on the remodeling. Putting in windows, doors and inside walls for the bathroom. Tomorrow I think they put on the roof, start on the plumbing and then we wait for the inspector to come and give their seal of approval. They are wanting to have it all finished by April 1.

It has been awhile since Jeremy has asked to go home. Yesterday he started asking again to go "home" again. Once we are back at Boise Health and Rehab he can take a day leave. We are thinking that next Saturday would be a good time for that. Brothers will be home again and Jeremy can check out the progress on his new space.

Thank you for your continued prayers. There will be a lot of changes in the next month or so and we pray that they are positive ones for Jeremy.

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