Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 27

Jeremy finally got his casts off yesterday. He was really looking forward to that. Stephen, Papa and I took him in Papa's van. After we were through at the doctor's office we went to the place where the braces were being made. The mold casts that they took after surgery evidently weren't very good so they wanted to make new ones. I had asked them to make sure Jeremy had on shorts for all this, figured it would be easier. He had on those polyester athletic shorts that all the kids wear. Well when they lifted up both legs to re cast (molds) his legs he kept slipping out of the chair. It is a good thing there were three of us helping.

Today is a beautiful day in Boise. I took Jeremy for a walk or ride in his wheelchair this morning. We were out for probably an hour and a half then we had to come back so Jeremy could get lunch. It will be nice to be able to do that more often now that spring is in the air!

Several people have connected us with web sites with "brain games", anything from math to memory, puzzles to word games. Jeremy is enjoying these sites. It is nice to have something different to do. Since he has only 3 hours of therapy a day and the rest of the day he has no scheduled activities it's nice to have something to fill the time. He isn't able to get the computer out when he is alone, but when someone is here it's a nice change. Thank you very much for your input!!!!!

One of the nurses told me that she had received a head injury like Jeremy's and it took her 4 years to recover. We had hoped Jeremy's recovery would be faster but.... God has a plan for Jeremy were will just have wait and see what that is.

Thank you for your prayers! Keep on praying.


  1. That's all good to hear. I see you write things like how Jeremy looked forward to getting his casts off. Does this mean his short term memory is improving, to where he can remember details easier from day to day? How about speech?

    Thanks again for posting on this blog. I miss Jeremy a lot and can't wait to visit again.

  2. James,
    1st question - no not really we just talk about it everyday. 2nd - Speech is alittle better. Better when he's not tried. sitting with him now, he says he misses you as well. We would love to have you visit again - maybe after his room is done and he's home - that would be awesome!!!


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