Saturday, March 6, 2010

March 6

My sister, Kristen, and I joined Debi and Jeremy at Elks this morning around 10 AM. We started off by taking Jeremy out to the car where we had our dogs. Jeremy had so much fun driving his electric wheelchair around with the dogs walking next to him. It was really funny because if he started laughing, his steering really suffered and he'd run into someone or something. Jeremy seemed to be having fun "off-roading" and running his wheelchair into the grass. We spent about an hour out there with him driving the wheelchair around. We finally went in when his battery got low, and he started getting tired.

After lunch, Kristen played quite a few rounds of Connect 4 with Jeremy. Each of them won a few games. However, we knew it was time to start a different game when Jeremy started throwing game pieces at Kristen. After that Debi, Kristen and I played a few hands of Uno with Jer until Mike, Wanda, Stephen and Greg showed up.

Jeremy kept asking today when he was going to get his casts off, so we wrote the date that they were coming off on his whiteboard so that he could figure out for himself how many more days.

Jeremy was really fading fast after his dinner so us girls went shopping, and Stephen and Greg got Jeremy ready for bed. I think Jeremy had a really great day today and it was so fun to see him smile and laugh.

We're looking forward to the work bee at the house tomorrow morning starting at 10:30. They'll be framing in the addition. Debi's going to the hospital to be with Jeremy, and Kristen and I were put in charge of feeding the workers and taking lots of pictures. We'll be sure to post some!


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