Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26

Jeremy loved having his grandparents here for a few days. He enjoyed sharing with them the places on the Internet that he goes to to exercise his brain as well as showing them things in the gym. He is also looking forward to having his brothers home this weekend. "He misses them a lot"!

There are new pictures posted. On Wednesday they will begin training Greg and I on the proper use of that very thing. Getting Jeremy in and out of the car (without breaking him or us) using that" stand and lift" you see in the picture. It will help us get him in and out of bed or the chair(without hurting our backs) in addition to using it to get him in the car. After that they will start training us on other pieces of equipment we may need to help Jeremy. As Jeremy runs out of therapy sessions, more of that will be left up to us to do with. It is fun as well as a lot of work! We know God will supply what we need - strength, courage, people to help. God has been good to us.

Thank you for your prays and words of encouragement.

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