Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 23

Jeremy spent almost an hour working out in the gym before he left Boise Health and Rehab today. He usually spends 15 minutes working his left arm and then 15 minutes working his legs on the Omnicycle (his favorite machine). Today for the first time he did the whole 15 minutes with both hands on the arm pedals. I was very proud of him. Then he did a 30 minute workout with his legs. A little at a time I have been increasing the tension when he works out his legs.

It is nice to be able to bring Jeremy home for the day. We brought him home on Saturday and then again on Sunday. He enjoyed watching the progress on his room today. The house is almost done. We will be putting the final molding on over the next couple of days. The toilet and sink will be put in in the next couple of days also and then we are ready.

We are all looking forward to bringing Jeremy home this Friday. They have told us we won't have any of the equipment that they ordered by then but we will be fine for a few days. Hopefully it will only be a few days!!!!! We know the "system" works slowly so we will pray for God's speed. Through other sources we acquired a bed, transfer wheelchair and hopefully this week we will get a shower chair. The main thing we will be missing is the sit and stand. Which means we have to do all transfers for now. His electric wheelchair may take a little longer to get, we aren't sure. It will be nice when he gets that. Then he can have more freedom to go where he wants and not depend on someone to get him there.

Thank you for your prayers.

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