Friday, July 9, 2010

July 9

Jeremy was released from the hospital on July 7. YES!!!!! The insurance company decided that the original discharge date of July 8 was too long so they discharged him a day early. We were OK with that since we kind of like being at home!!!!!

Jeremy had a doctor apt this afternoon with the doctor who did the surgery. I thought it was funny that they wanted to see him 2 days after he left the hospital but they did!. They x-rayed his hand and were pleased with the progress. It seems to be healing well. They are a little concerned about his shoulder. He still wants to hold it tight to his side. We haven't found a way to convince him to relax that shoulder. The doctor decided to increase the amount of baclofen he is getting to try and cut out the last of the "tone". He said it may make him relaxed or appear "weak". But he can build up his strength from there. If the tone or spasm is all gone its easier to build up strength from there. We all agree that Jeremy still has some "tone" still.

Thank you for your continued prayers!!!!!!

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