Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 4

Sorry to all who have asked about updates on Jeremy. We have not updated in a while - life just gets busy. We appreciate the fact that so many have been checking, and have been disappointed by no update. SORRY!!!

Jeremy is doing well. His new van, (Thanks to the Young's of Walla Walla, WA.) Mini as they called it, has been great. We've had Jeremy out to eat and to Doc appt.'s and it is so much easier then the car!!!!! Jeremy continues to improve - slowly. Still working on his speech - still not back to where he was before his last Hospital stay - but hopeful that will improve. He's really starting to move around alot more - his legs and arms both. We're working on him turning on his side while in bed and with our help yet does a good job of balancing there on his own. We're always amazed at his attitude and cheerfulness through everything. Still has his outbursts but comes back with a smile - Jeremy's smile - gotta love it. Care givers are great with him. Debi and I are back to work - but when we get home it's all about Jeremy for the evening and through the night. One reason for the lack of updates.

In the process of building him some equipment to help him exercise more - and working on something to help him experience the feeling of walking again - (A frame and harness). Always trying to think of the next thing that might help him break that barrier.

We will try to update at least once a week now, more if we're able. We know that so many are keeping Jeremy and us in their prayers and we are truly thankful. Know that those are returned back to you from us as well.

He had visitors from his workplace come to see him this last weekend - and although he did not remember you he really enjoyed the visit and talked about the fact that someone from work came to see him. Thank you
Greg & Debi & Jeremy

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  1. Greg,Debi, and Jeremy!!! I was just telling a story about Jeremy this evening to one of my friends and decided to "google" him to see if there were any updates online and discovered this blog! This is Hannah, the Occupational Therapy student that worked with him during his stay at the ELKS. I had to laugh when I read the entry about our shaving adventure because it's one of my favorite stories to tell! :) I'm so glad to hear that you all are doing well! I'd love to hear from Jeremy one way or another! Also, I read that you are looking to build some equipment to help him experience the feel of walking's a website you should look into I know it's for pediatrics, but it may be a contact resource for you for materials or ideas! My email address is! I look forward to hearing from you all! :) Please tell Jeremy HELLO!!!!!!!!


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