Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27, 2011

Two weeks ago we signed Jeremy up for a gym membership. We were getting frustrated by how little physical therapy he was getting. From the beginning his progress has been slow and steady. That is Jeremy. When we stand Jeremy up he complains that his knees hurt (rightfully so, it has been almost 2 years). We needed to find a way to build up the muscles in his legs, sooo - We found a gym close to the house and signed Jeremy up with a personal trainer twice a week, 1 hour each time. We have tried to take him ourselves as often as possible. Some days Jeremy is good to go and other days he is less than excited. At times we have to be very creative to get him to cooperate. Our goals with this is not only to build up his leg muscles but his arms and abs also.

His trainer is a young guy Jeremy's age, a motorcycle rider who has injured himself in motorcycle accidents. He seems to be doing a great job. Yesterday during Jeremy's training session they put him on the leg press machine. They set it on 100 lbs and Jeremy did the 10 rotations quickly, evenly (both legs working together, which is progress in itself) (Remember, he still has difficulty with the right side.) They decided to up the anti and see what Jeremy could do. They got up over 200 lbs.

Jeremy is getting too comfortable in his nice wheelchair. He still has difficulty sitting on the edge of his bed by himself (still has a balance issue). He can sit on a dining room chair by himself. He stands up with about 40 -50% assistance. However when he stands he still wants to lean forward - which makes it impossible for him to stand by himself. He can roll from his side to his back by himself but has difficulty going from his back to his side (needs assistance).

We are hopeful that by exercising more and building up those muscles he will be able to do more for himself. When he went to Physical therapy Monday, his therapist was VERY happy about how much progress (in baby steps) Jeremy was making. He would like us to get a pole to put beside Jeremy's bed so he could start using it in getting out of bed. As opposed to us doing all the work.

Feel free to ask questions about Jeremy's recovery. His progress is so slow that sometime we don't notice the changes. Forgetting that we leave you out of the loop. The bottom line is he is still continuing to make progress.

We will try to do better at keeping you posted on his progress.

Thank you for your continued prayers!

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