Thursday, June 4, 2009

Evening of the 4th day...

As we left Jeremy tonight his (new) nurse had everything quiet and calm. All the lights turned off, curtains closed and she was getting ready to post a "QUIET" sign. Trying, in the middle of a busy ICU, to create a tranquil place for our Jeremy. His temp has been up and down all day, between 99 and 101. He looked agitated most of the day but when we left tonight he looked peaceful.
Hospital personnel that come into Jeremy's room to draw blood, clean, whatever are being ministered to and encouraged by the cards you have sent to Jeremy. Eric is still working on getting the bigger room because we need more space for all the cards. Most of the staff say they have never seen someone get so many cards. Thank you for loving and praying for Jeremy. God is at work!


  1. I am so glad to read this. I hope you are all holding up ok, I am thinking and praying for you and Jeremy constantly. --Kellie

  2. It sounds like the staff is very nice and really cares. That is music to my ears. I hope you guys are doing well. Tell Jeremy that Ashley Adams is still think about and praying for him and can't wait to hear his voice again soon!"

    I hope tomorrow brings even better news. You guys take care of eachother :)


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