Friday, June 5, 2009

Update 17

Good morning all,
Mom and I were able to get a little sleep last night, it was much needed. Jeremy had another stable night. Its encouraging that throughout this entire ordeal his vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation) have all remained strong. I asked the nurse last night about his other lab test and blood work. All of which has been within normal values as well! He is a strong and health kid (he's my little brother makes me feel younger to call him a kid ;). He is being so strong though this and we, his family know that it is because of all your thoughts, prayers, cards, and encouragement. More in a little bit after the morning nurse does her assessment and the critical care Doc should be seeing Jeremy here in a bit too. Pray for a good day!
Thank you all!


  1. haha like you should worry about feeling younger Eric, puhleeease lol He's also doing great because he has an amazing family! Don't forget that!

    Praying for a great day!!!

  2. Im definately praying. I'm glad to hear his vitals are strong. Thats good news. I want to come visit when I can, Is there a day that is better? (maybe less visitors that you know of then another day?) Ill drive out to Yakima whenev its best for jeremy and the family. Thanks Eric, and keep gettin sleep :)
    If you need anything... 695 6199


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