Friday, June 5, 2009

Conversation with the Neurosurgery Physician Assisstant

We just were able to speak with the neurosurgeon's PA. Jeremy's inter-cranial pressure (ICP) has been more elevated than in days past. His ICP last night was as high as 17 to 26 where as the night before last is was between 8 and 12. That being said, "normal" is between 0 and 10. He is responding well to the medicines they are giving him to decrease the fluid and swelling in his brain. We are now into the 72-96 hour mark, this is significant because according to the PA, most of the swelling occurs during this time. We ask for your continued prayers as we all encourage Jeremy through this critical window.

Jeremy will be having line placed today in his artery so that the doctors can more closely monitor his blood pressure and also be able to more easily monitor Jeremy's blood gas values. They'll be specifically looking at the carbon dioxide or PCO2 in Jeremy's blood. A lower PCO2 will lower Jeremy's ICP. OK enough biology for now. Keep the prayers going!


  1. Will do! Still with you always Jeremy! I hope you guys are finding some peace throughout your days.

  2. Lots of prayers coming your way from Boise!!!

  3. It's great that Jeremy is passing so many milestones. He's doing well, and has lots of prayer support to keep that going.


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