Friday, June 5, 2009

Update 18

Keep those prayers going.  Jeremy is continuing to fight the high IPC (Inner Cranial Pressure).  We are currently in the 72 to 96 hour window, in which we are told, is when the swelling can be at it's worst.   Everything else is going great.  There are no further infection (which happen a lot in hospitals).  His fever is very minimal and evidentaly is a side effect of one of his medication.

We are looking into getting Jeremy transfered to Boise (St. Al's). We will let you know how that goes as time goes on.  



  1. Prayers coming from the Willets family in Boise.

  2. Deb. Got Bill and Kim on the plane this morning. Got there about about 5:30. Kim forgot to tell Bill and I that the plane boarded at 6:20 With six minutes to spare we got them on the plane!! Got a pic from them a few minutes ago. I think coming to Boise with Jutzy and Kattenhorn to watch would be great. Jan and I are keeping you in our prayers all of the time. We are alos checking the blog every hour or so. Love ya Frank and Jan

  3. Love and positive energy from the M&M'S!

  4. That would be the best ever. . . .close to home for the family and the best care ever. . . .Hope that works out. . . We are all continueing to pray for Jeremy and family! You will all get through this! Jenny Fuchs

  5. Debi, Greg, and Family. We continue to monitor the blog and continue to keep Jeremy and your family in our prayers.

    Glen & Donna Glass


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