Saturday, June 27, 2009

Evening Post

Jeremy had his eyes open most of the day today. After Thursday's "over stimulation" and Friday's sleep, we tried to keep our visits calm and quiet. I spent most of the day telling him he needed to rest and relax (when he's posturing he is very tense). In the usual Jeremy fashion, he didn't listen. I told him if he relaxed it would be easier to bend his arms at the elbow. It looked like he spent time trying to figure out how to accomplish that. After some time he bent his arm, even lifted it up off the bed. The nurse and I looked at each other. I told her "I didn't do that" even though I had my hand in his when he did it. We were both pretty pleased with that move. You can't begin to know how cool it is to make eye contact with him (or just sit and watch him sleep for that matter). Anyone who comes to visit him feels the same way. It really seems to us like he is fighting hard to come out of this.

On the other side of things, he still had a fever today, which they're treating with Tylenol. His cough is still persisting, although we think that the pneumonia and bronchial infection are gone. Some of the other test results should be in tomorrow or Monday at the latest. Jeremy also has supportive boots on his feet to keep them in a natural position when he's posturing. They put them on him for two hours at a time and then let him rest for two hours and repeat. It prevents him from getting "drop foot". They said it would be a shame for him to wake up and not be able to walk because they didn't support his feet properly.

Thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts. We all are comforted by the fact that there are so many others, besides us, who love him.

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  1. Jeremy is in our hearts & our prayers! We know that ALL things Are possible through the Lord. He has shown me that so many times in my own life. I don't know you personally but my heart & spirit will be there with you! Thank you for all the updates. I will be praying for Jeremy!
    In Christ, Debbie Graham (Tom's wife)


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