Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sabbath Report

Stephen and I are in Boise again this weekend. Jeremy's looking better than the last time we saw him which is really encouraging for us to see. It's harder for Debi and Greg to see the changes day to day, but we are able to notice a little more because we don't get to see him as often.

Jeremy still seems tired today; he's been yawning. He's resting a lot and seems to be easily agitated. We're kind of backing off today and letting him rest. We're spending some more time outside his room so that he can have more quiet time. He has had his eyes open, but doesn't seem very focused.

We talked to his doctor this morning. Not all of Jeremy's culture tests have come back yet, but his chest x-ray looks good. His white blood cell count was up a little bit but not alarmingly so. He's still coughing quite a bit too.

One thing that we were encouraged by is that it seemed to us that he was recognizing voices and sounds in the room. When Debi was talking to the doctor today every time she would begin talking he would shift his eyes towards her. Also, when a nurse dropped a bottle in the room earlier, he turned his head to the sound.

Just keep praying for his healing.

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