Saturday, June 13, 2009

Good Evening

We just called the hospital and Jeremy was getting a sponge bath from his good looking nurse... Man, makes me wish I was in his place. OK, really on a serious note it sounds like he is having a pretty good day. His ICP was only slightly elevated this morning at around 12. Normal, if you remember from our biology lesson a week ago or so, is below 10. This afternoon his vitals and ICP are looking good and the nurses say his is resting comfortable. He continues to show positive signs such as opening his eyes and breathing over the ventilator, and his reflexes remain showing positive signs of improvement.

Talk to ya as I hear more...


  1. hahaha cute :P Yay for positive signs! Congratulations Stephen!! WOOWOO!!!

    Love you Jeremy!!

  2. What Blessings we are ALL witnessing in Jeremy's daily improvement. No worry- the prayers will continue "FLYING". Vicki in Meridian

  3. Greg,Debbie and family, we heard about Jeremy at Ukiah Church yesterday. We are praying for him earnestly. We know the agony of having a child on a ventilator in the icu with a severe head injury. It sounds like Jeremy is making good progress, Praise the Lord! We will continue to check updates. Dave and Ruth DeBooy

  4. hi jeremy and family. this is nathan, jeremy's friend who is in rehab because of my own mtorcycle accident two moths ago. i don't know if you have heard of my story or not but i just found your site here and i've been wondering how jeremy is doing. i'm so glad to hear your news. ever since i heard that jeremy laid his bike down i've thought about him being in the hospital like i have been. we are truly blessed, the both of us to be alive. i sincerely pray that your entire family stays strong and courageous during this time. my family has sure helped me. i hope someday soon jeremy and i will both be healthy enough to hang out in good old walla walla together again.


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