Sunday, June 14, 2009

The weekend...

Good afternoon, Jeremy is resting well again today. Just got off the phone with the hospital and Jeremy's vitals look good. His blood pressure is elevated a little bit but they are controlling that with medications, pain and otherwise. David is with him today as the family is together at Stephens graduation. David says he spoke with his nurse this morning, and Jeremy had a restful night. We will get you all more info as it comes to us. Mom and my grandparents are headed back up to Yakima this afternoon. Well let you know more as Jeremy's recovery takes the smallest of baby steps forward.

Thanks all for your continued support, thoughts, and prayers.



  1. What a blessing that the family was able to go to the graduation! Congratulations Stephen! I met a lady today at a graduation party that was very interested in Jeremy's story and told me twice she would pray for him.

  2. Give Jeremy some extra love for me! I miss him!! -Kellie


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