Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Here's to another good night!

Now having the first 72 hours under our belt Jeremy is making "very positive progress with no major set backs", says the Neurosurgeon.  This first 72 hrs is a very critical window.  This is not to say that we are out the woods yet but at least the wolves aren't chasing us as fast.  :)  Jeremy still has a bit of a temperature as we still fight off a small pneumonia. His ICP did not go above 20 today at all even with at fair amount of stimulation and the trip to CT.  Thanks for all your continued thoughts and prayers.  We strongly believe that this is the reason Jeremy is progressing this well.

P.S Keep the cards coming it's become our new ploy to get him a bigger room.  If we fill the walls they will have to give us a larger room with more wall space. :)  Good night all and thanks again. 

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  1. Miss you guys already. Keep up on the blog until we get back! See you this weekend! The dogs say hi!


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