Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jobs in the Northwest

On a personal note...

After all this I feel an overwhelming need to be a big brother right now. Being close to help Jeremy though this time in his life has been put right to the forefront of my priority list. If anyone happens to know of a health care related job (respiratory therapy or management type jobs) that may suit me, I would appreciate the heads up. Its amazing how quickly family can become a priority.

Thank you!



  1. So Trina and I took the liberty of looking on and we found very promising jobs in and around Boise. :D Should we start moving you now or later?!!!
    But seriously, here is the link to the website. It's a start.

    We love you and would love to see you move out here. Blessings.

    Jessie and Trina

  2. You can search all employment opurtunities within Adventist Health(Oregon Washington, California, Hawaii) via this site. There is a respiratory therapist positino open at the Hanford Hospital

  3. Hey Eric,

    I can see if the RT's I used to work with in the ICU at St. Luke's are hiring. If the same guy is in charge, I'd be happy to let him know you are available.

    Don't blame you for wanting to move closer. I know mom and dad will be glad and it will be nice having you home. You'll have to come hang out with us. :)


  4. Dear Eric,
    We will include your job search in our prayers along with our ongoing prayers for Jeremy and all of you. Just to let you know we anxiously check the site several times a day for the updates. I know we are not alone in that so just wanted to let you all know how very gratful we are for you and Courtni to be doing this. Love to you all. Please give your Mom a special hug for me. Love, Jan & Frank Shields

  5. We're continuing our prayers & thoughts for Jeremy & all the family. Eric we'll include you too that God will work something out quickly for you re: a job in the area. We've also been including you in our prayers at ID Camp Meeting

    Pastor Mike & family

  6. There is a position at Kennewick General Hospital, Respiratory Therapist - Certified - Cardiopulmonary and another at the sleep center at Yakima valley Memorial Hospital. Hope this helps as I know Jeremy appreciates all you are doing.

    Scott Keller


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