Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update 36

The neurosurgeon just came in and talked to us again about Jeremy getting a trach and feeding tube (they say this is a step forward not a step back). These can be removed as soon as he is awake and able control his own coughing and breathing and is also eating on his own. They plan to do the procedure tomorrow sometime. This is reality check of sorts in the length if time his recovery is going to take. Your support and prayers are greatly appreciated throughout this time and what is proving to be a lengthy recovery.

Jeremy is making slow steady progress forward. The doctor discussed the possibility of removing the tube from his brain as soon as next week. This will depend on his tolerance of the above procedures and how stable his ICP remains throughout the next week. As he improves, we are hopeful that the doctors will be transferring him Boise in the next week or so.


  1. Still praying for your family and thinking about Jeremy! --Kellie

  2. Keeping the prayers going . . . . .It is truly hard to keep focussed on each thing and not the whole picture. . . . .one day the whole picture will be in focus, but now. . . . .it is one thing at a time. All the best! Jenny


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