Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update 37

Well, Jeremy has had a flurry of activity today, and I haven't told you all much at all. It seems like every time mom and I went to see him today, the nurses would kick us out for something. He had to have another PICC line placed in his right arm today and the old one removed from the left arm. The old one clotted off due to all the medications Jeremy has gotten over the last week or so.

We will be talking to the ear, nose, and throat doctor tomorrow morning to give him permission to do the tracheotomy. It is a simple procedure that usually takes no more than a 30-45 min. They will place a small tube directly into the wind pipe to use to control Jeremy's breathing through the rest of his recovery. He will go to the operating room for this to be done and then back to the ICU to recover.

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