Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 22 evening

We talked to the respiratory therapist last night and the plan for the night was to get Jeremy off the ventilator completely. Breathing the same air as you and I. This is the next step to his recovery. They are still working on controlling his cough. We take a lot for granted, like when you wake up and clear the gunk out of your throat. Jeremy is having to relearn how to do that. Most of the day Jeremy rested comfortably but there were periods of time where he would cough and cough. Trying to get that stuff out of his throat.

We have a meeting with the team of professionals in charge of Jeremy's care on Wednesday afternoon to discuss "The Plan". We will keep you posted on that.

Thank you for all your prayers. They tell us we have a long road ahead but we know God has a plan!


  1. We'll be praying for the medical care team as they figure out "The Plan" for Jeremy. He's in good hands.


  2. As I listen to "One Day At a Time" again today, I think and pray for you all. Jeremy is in the most comforting arms possible---as are you. What's SO great is that OUR Father is always there to pick up where we leave off (exhausted, discouraged; when we seem to be "out of air", even. Please know that the prayers are NOT going to stop---Jeremy will be on our hearts forever- as we learn NEVER to take God's gifts for granted. In His Love. Vicki


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