Monday, June 29, 2009

June 29

We have a new doctor in the building today, so it may take him a few days to come up to speed on Jeremy's case. In this facility, they have one physician on duty, and then, if a specialty doc needs to be brought in, they coordinate with this hospital's doctor.

The occupational therapist dropped in this afternoon, and Jeremy was a little agitated at the time. Jeremy started to cough. When he does that, I ask him to slow down his breathing and relax. Sometimes, he then stops coughing. The OT guy had never seen him "follow instruction" before. Jeremy looked right at me and did as I suggested. Next time, he will believe us when we tell him what we observe! I think part of the hurdle is getting the medical professionals, who only see him for a few minutes a day, to listen to us, the nurses and the respiratory therapists. We are the people who spend more time with Jeremy. We need the other professionals to BELIEVE.

Thank you for you prayers


  1. Hey Jeremy,
    Sounds like you've been listening to Mom and minding some. That is change for you, huh? The minding part :)

    Thinking good and beautiful thoughts for you everyday. Hope to see you soon. Talk to the mean nurse and see when she thinks it would be good.

    Joyce @ Lucky Peak

  2. Jeremy, I am a friend of your dad's and just found out today about your accident. Prayers in ND will be going in for you. God is with you and is watching over you in a very loving way. I will pray for your recovery and for strength and comfort for your family. God bless and keep the Lord close.
    Debbie Moseanko (


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