Monday, June 8, 2009

Update 27

After talking with the Neurosurgeon and his PA this evening Jeremy will be going in the morning to get his Intracranial catheter replaced, this is only for sterility purposes. He continues to have no other infections crop up. The have tested every fluid in this body (literally) for infections and we are all clear. The Doctors have changes some over Jeremy's sedation medication and are beginning to let him come off cloud nine. As long as his Intracranial Pressure (ICP) stays at a reasonable level they will continue to let him wake up. We are hopeful and prayerful for another good night.

I have been in Walla Walla the past day or so helping Stephen finish up his last few projects before graduation on Sunday. I will be heading back to Yakima in the morning. Dad will be headed back to Boise till Thursday. I guess its good for us to stay busy and keep going on with the little things in life we all have to do.

Thanks again everyone for being so supportive mostly to Jeremy but also to the rest of the family throughout all this. Keep your prayers going it's going to be another tough few days for Jeremy to battle and we know we may have a lot of tough decisions to make.


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  1. Eric, please tell your mom if there is anything I can do for her here in Boise to call me. 208-631-0403 you are all in our prayers all the time.

    tina heinrich


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