Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Update 30

We just talked to the neurosurgeon who had just looked at the CT scan. If you have ever been in a hospital or worked in one, you know the plan is ever changing. Due to many factors, (none truly negative) the procedure to replace his catheter will be postponed until tomorrow. They have cultured his Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) and it shows no infection. Jeremy is back resting comfortably now. We'll have to do this again in the morning. Hopefully it won't be as big of an ordeal as it was today.


  1. Jeremy is on my mind, and in my heart. Hang in there, Jeremy is a wonderful person and is fighting like a champ. Thanks to all of you for frequently posting his condition.
    Ann Retzlaff

  2. Family of Jeremy,

    A couple of us at Lucky Peak check your blog several times a day to check on our buddy. Thank you for the updates; it really helps all of us who can't be there to support you.

    Once Jeremy gets moved to Boise, it will not only be good for you as the family but good for us too so we can visit.

    Stay strong and happy.
    Joyce @ Lucky Peak


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