Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Update 31

Hello everyone... A little bit ago I was able to go through all of Jeremy's labs with the nurse who is taking care of him today. It amazes me that the kid is so healthy and yet obviously in such bad shape. All of his labs are normal. All of his cultures are negative. All that is good. Jeremy does have a very small superficial blood clot in the area of his PICC line (not the one in his head). This is not a big deal and with some heat and a little blood thinner, it will reabsorb into his body.

The doctors have turned down the rate at which the ventilator is breathing for Jeremy. It was up to 32 and now is down to 24 breaths per minute that the machine is giving him. At that rate, it is an encouragement to see that he is breathing over what the machine is giving him at times.

Keep the prayers going!

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