Monday, June 1, 2009

Update 4

Some of us went to a hotel about 4:00 am to try to get a little rest. Just called to see what Jeremy's condition was. Mom said that they did another CT scan and his brain swelling went up again. It's at 23 and 20 is bad. They're going to put another catheter in the other side of his brain to try to release some more of the pressure. Keep praying. They said that the first 48 hours is the most critical time.


  1. SO many are praying right this very moment. Thank you for the update... I know Debi from BVAS - and I believe Eric was a year behind me at GSA. Word spreads fast and hundreds are praying.

    Tina (bradshaw) Heinrich

  2. Thanks for updating us Courtni. We are praying. I've asked the entire KTSY audience to pray several times. Please hold him Jesus...


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