Monday, June 1, 2009

Update 5

They ended up not putting another catheter in Jeremy's brain because everything was flowing well. His hand is pretty swollen because his finger is broken but other than the brain injury he's OK. His chest X-rays look good we've been told. We have a lot of people headed this way to be with him and even more praying for him. We're doing as much as we can do and that's pray.


  1. Thank you for the constant updates. So many people are checking this by the minute. Continuing to pray!!

  2. Thank you for the update. My husband works with Jeremy at the Corps, and we were on his bowling team this year (which means he carried the team!). We will be thinking every positive thought for him and your family and sending healing energy your way. Tell Jeremy he is loved. -Katie Christianson

  3. I miss his smiling face. We are all praying for him and watching updates closely, and I know I am thinking about him constantly. -Kellie W


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