Saturday, July 4, 2009

Evening Post

Jeremy was pretty tired today after the great day he had yesterday. That was to be expected. They have changed one of his medications to help with the peaking vitals. They will give it to him 3 times a day so hopefully he won't have that 5 o'clock peak. When he is awake he continues to track people in the room. It's so good to see him do that!!!!! He is still fighting the fever. Hopefully that will subside soon. They continue to push fluids to try and keep up with all his sweating. It's quite a balancing act.

Thank you for your continued prayer! God is at work!

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  1. Jeremy, I have gotten my family here in ND and my family in CA to be praying for you. You are surrounded by family, friends, and people who don't know you but are praying for your recovery. God has so much love for us and we need to cling to that. He is in control and all in his own time. I hope someday I will be able to meet you. Keep being as strong as it sounds like you have been and keep up the fight. Love and prayers are reaching out to you.
    Friend of your dad's,
    Debbie Moseanko


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