Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 5

This afternoon Dr Greenwald (the doctor that comes once a week to see Jeremy) came by to see Jeremy right after the visiting doctor came in. They were both so impressed at Jeremy's progress. The visiting doctor even apologized for his attitude earlier in the week. He really didn't believe Jeremy would recover. Today he was very happy with what he saw.

Dr. Greenwald asked me about his posturing - was it worse this week than last. And about his sweating. She wanted to make sure the "wake up" medicine she was giving him was not having an adverse reaction. She asked Jeremy to wiggle his toes and he did it, so she asked him 2 more times. He did that also. It took him only about 10 second to process it. She laughed and said he would probably do it for the next hour. There's a name for that and I can't remember it.

Jeremy has more expression on his face every day. At first, there was a peaceful look, and then there was a worried look.

Today was a full day - watched some TV, listened to some music, tested for his voice once - not yet! Every day is still a struggle to fight infection. They are always monitoring everything, and today is no exception.

Eric make it safely from Ohio this morning! God was watching over him as well!

God is good and at work!
Thank you for all your prayers,


  1. It feels so good to hear all of this good news. Thank you for keeping us posted! Tell Jeremy Kellie misses him lots! I'm thinking of all of you!

  2. I'm so excited that Jeremy is doing so well!!! Thanks for your constant posts, they are the first thing I check whenever I get online. Tell Jeremy that I miss him and that I'm rooting for him!
    Love always,
    Larissa Moore

  3. That is so wonderful! It really is amazing how well he is doing. We all keep saying "baby steps" but if you add up his baby steps since day one, he's traveled quite a few miles!! God is good!


  4. Jeremy I pray for you everyday and throughout the day. Happy to hear of the progress you are making. You're a good fighter. Prayers are being answered and I know the Lord has a plan for you. Keep strong and keep up the faith. God bless you Greg & Debi. My prayer is for you also that you will have strength. Also for your other sons who are going through so much. The Lord is in control. Debbie


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