Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 11

Today was a quiet restful day. Between the breathing around the trach and sitting up in the chair, Jeremy was exhausted. Last night about 3 a.m. he was having such a hard time breathing, they either removed the cap or he coughed it off. They felt like it may have been a little premature to cap it off, or he developed a sinus infection or something. Jeremy slept most of the day today. Sleep, cough, sleep, cough. He hasn't coughed this much in quite awhile.

His fever was up again today so again they are culturing everything (we will find out in 3 days). Maybe the cough and the fever are connected. The regular doctor will be back tomorrow after being gone for 2 weeks. Maybe he will have some answers.

Jeremy looks so peaceful when he sleeps! God is at work!

Thank you for your prayers.


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