Friday, July 10, 2009

July 10

They brought in a different chair for Jeremy today, and he was sitting up for about 1 1/2 hours. They didn't have him hooked up to the monitors, but he seemed fairly relaxed and comfortable. At this point, he has to work at holding up his head, but he did a great job at that also.

Jeremy still has a long road ahead of him but his progress is moving along. We have all these little goals for Jeremy and he is accomplishing those every time we turn around.

Our next goals are WORDS and getting that trach out of there. It seems to be a constant source of annoyance to him. Maybe he will meet that goal tomorrow!?!

God is good.
Thank you for being a part of answered prayer!!


  1. Jeremy it is so great to hear about all the progress you have been doing. Each day you seem to be taking a step further ahead. Good for you. God bless and may his loving arms surround you with comfort, love, and healing. Be at peace and let the Lord do his work on you. Take care.

    with love and prayers, Debbie Moseanko

  2. Sweet news Jeremy!
    Joyce @ Lucky Peak

  3. Jeremy, our prayers are with you everyday. Keep making mom proud as we all are praying for you..:)

    Scott K


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